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Social & Environmental Impact

Africa-based R&D

Enerwhere R&D team focuses on tailoring solutions to the African challenges by learning and testing in the field. The current research projects are:

– Solar irradiation field measurements to create an accurate solar map for Nigeria
– Data acquisition of ambient and dust conditions affecting solar system performance in Kano
– Hybrid control optimization for weak grid operations with load priority management and UPS management

CSR contribution

Enerwhere offered 10 kWp solar system to power the Renewable Energy Research Center at Bayero University Kano. This system does not only help powering the center, it also provides a live research field to the post-graduate students developing and testing solar and battery solutions for the local communities.

Capacity building

Partnership with local universities to offer students exposure and training sessions to the solar energy industry.

C02 savings

Enerwhere solutions have always been designed to reduce the use of polluting fuels mainly diesel and HFO. The direct CO2 emissions saved using solar are calculated and reported to each client within the monthly Energy report.

Increasing local content

Enerwhere maximizes the utilization of locally-made equipment wherever possible. In Nigeria, high quality cables and other accessories are already in use. Enerwhere engineers collaborate with local manufacturers to develop their product lines to match the international solar PV standards and allow for further growth.

Focus on energy efficiency

Enerwhere O&M energy reports help the end users understand their power demand and adapt their behaviours to increase the efficiency of their facilities. The analysis of the data obtained through monitoring results in immediate savings on energy consumption. This can generally allow savings of 5-8% on energy and costs, without any major investments.

Capacity Building