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Frequently asked questions

How much power can I get from the sun ?

Nigeria is receiving abundant solar power all year long ! Compare in the table below Nigeria with Germany which is a world leader in installed solar systems.

Can solar power industrial machines ?

Yes ! With our large inverters, solar power is converted to a perfect 3-phase 400V power that is best to power heavy machinery and large motors (that are usually 3-phase).

Does the dust affect the production of the solar system ?

Enerwhere team has long experience operating solar systems in very dusty, humid and costal environments such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi desert. With our expertise in operations and monitoring, all our systems work perfectly in these environments and Nigeria is no exception.

Can I run my factory only on solar ?

It is theoretically possible to power all your loads with solar. This requires a large amount of batteries to charge with solar all day and power all night. However batteries are expensive. It is usually more cost effective to use solar without batteries. The Enerwhere hybrid systems optimally use the free solar power at the instant it is produced at day time, together with the utility grid or the back up generators. Used in this way our solar systems return your investment in a very short time. As batteries costs are continually falling, we usually propose to start with the installation of a solar system only as it is always possible to integrate batteries at a later stage when they become more economic.

How much space do I need ?

Solar PV requires about 10 m2 per kWp installed capacity.