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Solar-Hybrid Systems

Enerwhere has developed cost effective solar-diesel hybrid systems for your commercial or industrial facilities 

Enerwhere’s proprietary hybrid controller enables the smooth interaction of all components of the system by continuously monitoring load, solar production, utility grid power and generators.

The systems are optimized for use in locations where there is no or limited access to the electricity grid, where in the past expensive diesel generators have been heavily relied upon.


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Operation & Monitoring

Enerwhere long-term commitment ensures reliability of the system.

Enerwhere team takes care of:

  • Cleaning of the solar panels
  • Inspection of cables and power electronics regularly
  • Remote monitoring of the system with automatic alarms

Zero compromise on quality: get the reactivity of the local team and expertise of the international engineers.


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“Enerwhere were the most economical energy solution available to us and the system will pay for itself in under 4 years, after which the energy is free. We are now convinced of both the reliability of the technology and Enerwhere’s capabilities, and we are looking forward to expanding the plant to maximize our savings on the long term.”

Ibrahim Buhari, Rumbu Industries Chairman


“ Enerwhere held their promises and delivered the project end-to-end with professionalism. With their remote monitoring system, they keep track of our production and ensure maximum performance.”

Sani Saleh, Executive Director at Rumbu Industries


Enerwhere Video

Watch the Enerwhere Nigeria Video to find out more about the savings you could make and stable power supply you could gain by introducing solar to your business.


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Enerwhere Dubai

Multiplex Office at Dubai Mall Extension Construction Site in Zabeel
See what Enerwhere has been commissioning in Dubai

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